Turning Thoughts into Things - Manifesting Workshop

Refine your manifesting skills and feel confident, empowered and happy throughout 2021 as you bring your dreams to life. 

 Join psychic Medium and NLP Practitioner Jennifer for this dynamic and hands-on workshop and come away feeling in control, empowered and already manifesting!


This workshop is face to face. It is great for beginners as well as for people that have tried manifesting and feel as though it is not working for them.

Come and refresh some simple techniques and gain an in-depth understanding of manifesting.

  • What Manifesting is
  • Goal Setting new Rockets of Desire
  • How to Manifest
  • Experiencing Manifesting


Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Cost: TBA


To book in, or register your interest, please contact Jennifer on 0410 756 798 or

email me here Contact

Please note that there are limited spaces available.
Once your booking is received through text or e-mail, you will be sent a payment request to complete your booking.
All extra detail (including location) will be e-mailed through to prior to the event.