21 ways to look after yourself as a Light Worker

There are multiple light workers (mediums, psychics, readers, healers) amongst us. I am of the belief that we all have the ability to be light workers and some people are more naturally gifted with their abilities than others. Kind of like how some people are more adept to cooking than others!

Have you ever found yourself feeling drained or tired after being with people or when specifically using your gifts?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to work with others using your gifts and not feel exhausted afterwards?

It actually occurred to me that other gifted people might not engage in the same activities that I do in order to look after themselves.

So I would like to share with you 21 ways that I look after myself as a Light Worker, to ensure that I am always able to tune into the needs of people that come to see me as well as connecting into Source (God / Universal Energy) without feeling drained or tired afterwards.

I have been a Medium my whole life, and have been psychic since age 12 when I picked up my first cards. Being a Medium is “receiving information” from the other side and being psychic is “reading information” (cards, people, runes, pendulums etc...) I am also a healer, clearing emotional blocks and limiting beliefs for others. When I engage in any activity as a Light Worker, I am drawing on Source Energy and connecting in to provide insight, clarity, direction and healing for people.

When I am reading for people at markets, I am often asked by clients if I need a break or if I am tired. My answer is usually the same…”Nope! I am on! Let’s go!” The feeling I have is like energy flowing and swirling through me and around me. It kind of feels like an electrical current, a soft hum. I feel awake, alert and tuned in.

In earlier days I wasn’t so good at harnessing this energy and often felt drained. So I made a conscious decision to take actions that would prevent me from feeling drained so I could continue to provide my services with an abundance of energy.

Here are 21 activities I have learned to integrate in to my every day to ensure that I am tuned in as a light worker and looking after myself.

1. Ground, Protect and Connect.

Being a light worker means that I am receptive to other people’s emotions. This is called being an empath, where you actually take on board other people’s emotions as your own. This can lead to stress in your own life, feeling drained, worrying, weight gain and even confusion.

For me, being a medium and tuning into non-physical energy is like tuning into a different frequency. It’s like day to day is on Triple M radio station and tuning in to receive information from the other side is like being on ABC radio station – it is a different frequency.

If I do not protect myself when I change frequencies, I am allowing anything to come through; at any time; and allowing my own energy to become depleted, which leaves me feeling tired and drained.

The way I control this is to ground, protect and connect myself. EVERY DAY.

By grounding, protecting and connecting in each and every morning, I know that I will have all the energy I need as Source Energy flows through me in all that I do. I never feel scattered, light headed or drained. I feel seated in my own personal empowerment and clear headed which makes it easier for me to allow Source Energy to flow through me.

You can find the Protecting, Grounding and Connecting visualisation process I use here as a sound file for you to listen to.

            Grounding Sound File

2. Meditate

This practice has been discussed and debated throughout the ages and in many different ways. Meditation actually allows your mind to rest.

We live in such an action packed, busy world that we rarely make time to relax and empty our minds. Sometimes I get so busy, that I have to remind myself to meditate.

Not making time to clear our minds can lower our vibration into states of stress, worry, anxiety and even exhaustion to name a few.

The simplest explanation I have for meditation is aiming to have no thought and no feeling; allowing your mind to completely empty. Some people say listen to music or guided meditations. This may work for you! Guided meditations do not help me empty my mind, they actually fill my mind with new imagery or information, so I tend not to use them. (This is my personal preference.)

For me, I clear my mind for 15 minutes to half an hour - morning and evening. I do this by sitting in my favourite chair and tuning into the sound of my neighbours pool pump or air conditioner. True story! It is a single hum that does not vary in pitch, pace or volume. It is steady and constant. When my mind starts to wander, I bring it back to the gentle humming sound. I breathe slower and deeper while listening to the hum.

After turning my mind off, I feel relaxed, refreshed, alert and full of energy. Often I will receive insights into questions I have had floating through my brain throughout the day. Most of all, I feel unconditional love and peace.

Meditation is a great way to look after yourself whether you are a light worker or not. It gives you brain space to recharge itself - Kind of like turning off your computer completely every night, giving it a chance to cool down and reboot.

3. Relaxation

This is probably the most under-rated practice when you are a light worker. Before you even get into meditation, it is important that your body is in a relaxed state. Over the years, people have often told me that they find it hard to meditate. This can be due to being in heightened state of tension within our bodies.

Relaxation will help you get into meditation with more ease.

I was lucky enough to learn various relaxation methods when I was younger. I then came across the 10 point relaxation by Sandy Anastasi (the Anastasi System). What I love about this relaxation technique is that eventually - when you have experienced the full relaxation enough times, you will be able to command your body to drop into relaxation just by saying “10” with the intent of relaxing.

I have used this method for years now and find that when I get stressed out or feel my body tensing up, I sit in the nearest chair, focus on my breathing with the intention of relaxing my whole body and say “10”. My whole body then relaxes. I also use this relaxation method when I am going to bed to enable my whole body to relax and enter into a more sound sleep.

Relaxation is not only good to use when your body feels tense, or before going to sleep, it is also a great practice to get into BEFORE meditating! Relaxing your body first enables you to turn off your mind and get into meditation with ease as your mind is no longer having to concentrate on relaxing your body.

4. Sleep

Getting enough sleep is really important as a light worker. I do know some people that need minimal sleep and as we get older we tend to need less sleep. I have learned that the human body is infinite and in fact regenerates each cell every 7 years. Although our mind does not rest during sleep time, the cells in our bodies can be left to do their work.

Given that as a light worker you are drawing in Source energy, getting plenty of sleep helps to prevent feeling drained. Some light workers also do a lot of work in their sleep so maybe some extra sleep time would be good for you if you are doing your work in a dream state or astral travelling. Speed naps are great throughout the day to help with this.

Some hints and tips for you:

  • Try setting clear times to go to bed and when you get up. (I now have an alert on my phone to remind me of the time and when to go to bed!!)
  • Having routine helps the biorhythms of your body and will assist with deeper sleep. (I try and go to bed and get up at the same time each day.)
  • Practice relaxation techniques when you get into bed. This will help your body relax. (I do this every night and it helps me get to sleep faster.)

Abraham –Hicks states that “waking up each morning is like being re-born each day”. You get to choose new thoughts, new actions and new outcomes for yourself each day! So get a good nights’ sleep!

5. Water

Our body is made up of 70% water and in our humanness we need to replenish this every day to remain hydrated.

Being hydrated makes it easier to draw in Source Energy.

I drink a lot of water throughout the day and choose filtered, alkaline water.

If you are struggling to drink enough water, try substituting other drinks you have for water; add lemon or lime to your water; chill it; keep a full bottle to use throughout the day so you can keep track of how much you are drinking.

Drink plenty water throughout your day.

6. Eat well

Just like drinking water, relaxing and meditating, it is important to place the best fuel in our bodies.

I find that when I eat too much sugar, it is harder to meditate and focus my energies. When I eat “clean” (unprocessed) foods, I have more energy and feel clearer and receive clearer insights.

Hmmm – alcohol and I are not friends. It really hinders my abilities.  Worse still, in my younger years it was easy to be out of control with my gifts and there were times where I would just blurt out anything that popped into my mind. This was not fair to people on the unexpected receiving end.

I do not drink today and I prefer this as I have more control over my gifts. Besides, my hangovers were revolting! I do not miss this at all!!

Eating well can help to enhance your abilities. It’s like keeping a clean engine and fuel tank in your car so it runs well.

I am not perfect with eating the best food all the time, but I am mindful of what I am eating and always appreciate and bless my food before eating it.

7. Crystal Magic

Crystals are like magic! They each have their own vibration that our human bodies can align to. As a light worker, crystals can really enhance our abilities.

Crystals will often choose you. You may find yourself drawn to certain crystals.

As a light worker, I wear them, carry them, and keep them in my home…oh! And I sell them! My go to crystals for my light work are Amethyst, Aquamarine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Black tourmaline, Labradorite, Aventurine and Citrine.

When choosing crystals, people can often ask what crystal is good for clearing…. (Insert negative emotion/ailment here) my advice for you in choosing a crystal would be to look for the positive intention you are seeking instead.

For example instead of seeking a crystal that would be good to remove negativity, think about what the positive intention is that you are seeking. If it is love – Rose Quartz would be good, if it is protection or grounding: Black tourmaline, if you are healing: Clear Quartz would be good.

Every crystal has its’ own unique vibration and quality as well as size do matter.

Start discovering crystals and integrate them into your practice to enhance your gifts, they really do make a difference.

8. No Judgement

Possibly one of the most challenging skills to learn as a light worker - not to sit in judgement of other people’s choices or situations.

We all have our own filters and perceptions of the world. This is unique to each of us. As a light worker, it is vital that you do not judge other people or condemn them for their choices.

Sometimes we can see things really clearly from the outside looking in.

Know that everyone has the resources inside them. As light workers it is up to us to help facilitate people’s understanding of this and meet them with where they are at on their soul journey.

Source knows I can be very judgemental however, I am always mindful of being open and accepting as well as non-judgemental when using my gifts with others.

You will always have a personal opinion – you are a human being! You can however, leave this to one side and allow source energy to guide you.

9. Connect with nature and animals

Possibly one of the best recommendations EVER! When you are feeling off or out of sorts or feel as though your own energy is running low – connect in with Mother Nature. Get done with the trees and the animals – the flora and fauna!

Go for a walk on grass or sand barefoot, go for a bike ride or a swim, hug a tree, watch the sunrise or sunset, listen for the birds, watch a butterfly, talk with a lizard, pat a dog or play with a cat.

You can also call in the elementals to connect you in with nature.

Being in nature grounds us and connects us with source energy and collective consciousness. It can make you feel connected to all that is which is refreshing and energising.

I feel a special connection with wild birds and when I feel the need to connect with nature, I will listen for them and take 5 minutes looking out for them to see what they are up to. I just love nature. It’s forever changing.

10. Know your own “I am’s”

“I am” is the most powerful statement we can make to ourselves.

Make time over a week to capture as many positive “I am “statements as possible. These would be descriptive words of how you view yourself, how you would like to view yourself and even how other people positively view you. Even as I type this, I am looking at my “I am” list that is pinned to my wall.

“I am’s” serve as a constant reminder to me of my soul and who I am.

“I am….healthy, I am happy, I am free……..”

I add to my list when I discover new things about myself. This can be a challenging activity. So remember to be kind to yourself and if you are unsure, ask someone you trust who is close to you to help you discover your “I am’s”

Once the list has been started, refer to it and remind yourself of who you are and discover how empowered this makes you feel and remember to add to it as you learn more about yourself!

11. Listen to mentors

I have been asked on a few occasions, ”Who mentors the medium?” My answer, “the masters”.

I spend much time listening to podcasts of spiritual leaders and reading books that are insightful and help me to connect into myself as well as source energy to provide me with more understanding. Plus, I have a curious mind that enjoys breaking down complex topics and simplify them! 

Find some people that you have heard of and read their books, listen to their podcasts. I love listening to Abraham – Hicks, Dr Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Tony Robbins, and Dale Carnegie. I also enjoy reading bios. I also have a love of quantum physics and often search for explanations on YouTube…understanding and grasping the unexplainable.

Podcasts are great because I can do other things while I am listening. With reading, I schedule in 15 minutes each day to read – or I choose to read a couple of pages of a mentor’s book each day while I am having breakfast and capture a couple of notes.

Another great way to learn for masters is to attend functions and workshops.

There is always something new to hear. Even if I have listened to a podcast or read the book before, I always pick up something new that I can embed into my own practice.

I really love the adage, “When the student is ready the master will appear.” I feel this to be true as the right information seems to come to me when I most need it.

12. Trust in Source Energy

You are the messenger, the vessel, the go between, the medium. Get your ego out of the way and trust that Source, God, the Universe, Collective Consciousness, The Angelic Realm and even spirit guides have got this.

It has become a knowingness to me that Source does the work – not me. It is my job to remain open, intuitive and receptive to receiving the information.

Elton John never questions how or why he was able to read Bernie’s lyrics and set music to them instantly. He trusted the process. He still trusts in it today. It is a knowingness that the melody will just flow.

As light workers, we need to be more like Elton John and trust the flow. Trust the information that is coming through us.

I will state here, that in order to trust, you need to be in the best receptive state that you can be which includes grounding and protecting, meditation, relaxation, eating well and being hydrated.

Get your ego out of the way by knowing it is Source Energy flowing through you.

I still get curios and question what I see, hear and feel but most of all, I trust it is coming from Source Energy and I am the vessel.

13. Freedom of thought.

Know that humans have freedom of thought, will and choice.

We cannot predict verbatim what will definitely happen for each individual as this is always subject to change through the humanness of freedom of thought.

People have the power to change anything and everything that they want. As light workers, we can often see predictions, what is coming up and how things will unfold. Be assured in knowing that this is not set in stone. It can be changed at any stage by the person in front of you. It is their will and desire.

It upsets me when I hear people say to me, “but this is what another reader told me would definitely happen.” Nothing is really definite – as humans we get to choose. For example, if a reader told you would absolutely win lotto and you chose not to buy a ticket then you have changed what has been predicted.

Know that everyone you work with has the same freedom of thought, choice and will. They can accept or change insights you are providing. It is never set in stone.

As a light worker, understanding, knowing and allowing freedom of thought has really released a lot of pressure for me.

14. No to family for readings

When I first started reading as a teenager, I would practice on myself as well as family and friends. As you develop your gifts, this becomes somewhat challenging to do as you become over familiar with family and friends and end up being judgemental or putting your own ego into readings or worse still, information gets addled.

Particularly when doing your own readings, you can subconsciously want a specific answer. It is easy to miss read or miss interpret information that is being given to you or you can read into the information what you choose. More so, when you ask the same questions over and over again without making any changes or taking any action – the information will become more vague or confused (addled).

One way I look after myself is by not providing readings to family and friends. In my early days, I would have some relatives just call me to ask me to “pull some cards” and this prevented them from thinking for themselves and it also jeopardised our relationship if they didn’t like what I was saying. Not to mention that it made me feel used.

My family and friends are all aware that it is challenging for me to read accurately for them, to be non-judgemental and that information I receive can sometimes be off or incorrect. Don’t get me wrong, I still receive information from Source, I still rely on my gut feel and sixth sense, however I use other strategies to impart information (when important or appropriate to do so).

What I like best about not being able to read for friends and family is that I do not have an “unfair” advantage over them. This keeps me open and receptive to listening and communicating more effectively with my family and friends.

15. Practice your modalities

This might seem obvious, however I have met people who say they are readers, mediums and light workers that do not practice or refine their gifts.

The risk here is again that ego can get in the way, you’re not learning anything new and you can become stale.

I kind of liken this to my guitar playing skills. I learned to play guitar in grade 5 at primary school. I always kept my guitar but never practiced. I just liked having the guitar in my home. In my 30’s if I ever picked up the guitar to play it, I would revert back to grade 5 – I never progressed with my initial skill. To improve any skill or gift, it is important to exercise it through practice.

Switch it up! Change modalities, try something new, or take a deeper dive into the modalities that you are using.

Exercise your gifts and stretch yourself to learn more. Set time aside each day to practice. This will keep you current, refreshed and invigorated with the modalities you employ.

16. Connect with friends who understand you

This has been an important part of my journey. Having worked in corporate for so many years, I literally knew thousands of people. Since starting my metaphysical business, I was shocked at how many of my corporate friends stopped communicating with me.

I needed to find people that I could connect with that would understand me and accept my gifts as a part of me.

Today I have the most beautiful, caring and intuitive friends in my life and I have so much love for them.

When there is no one around you that understands you as a light worker, join some groups, meet up with other like-minded people that are also light workers. Choose people in your life that you trust and who accept all of you.

Having amazing connections with people that understand and accept me helps ground me, encourages me to grow and inspires me.

17. Create boundaries

Be clear on your boundaries for yourself.

Be clear on what you will and will not do. I remember having a conversation with my Spirit Guides at age 16 and I said to them that I did not want to work with wayward spirits. (Meaning I did not want to work with spirits who lingered after death or see ghosts, or deal with haunted houses) I have come to learn that this is the 4th plane of existence and I just did not want to play in this plane at all as it made me feel out of control and completely uncomfortable.

As a result, I am rarely impacted by wayward spirits. I can still sense entities, I can still cleanse homes and ask spirits to leave, however it is not where I choose to practice regularly as a light worker.

As mentioned above, I created great boundaries with family and friends which are still respected and this makes my life more balanced.

If you are running a business as a light worker, create clear boundaries with your times of availability, you get to control this and it also honours your time.

Boundaries are great as they give me a chance to plan things for myself in my life to ensure that I have balance in all areas of my life as well!

18. Create fun and balance in your life

This has taken me a while to work out – all work and no play is not fun. I would also argue that when you are working in a field that you are passionate about, it never feels like work and can be amazingly fun!

The reality for each of us is that even as light workers, we are still human beings! This means that we have our own individual and unique needs to meet as well as our own rockets of desire!

I have actually created a mind map of short activities that I can do for fun so I do not have to think too much about it. When I feel as though I need something different to do, I literally look at the mind map and choose something that is fun to do.

We need to have balance in our lives as this keeps us open and receptive to Source Energy. So look at your own life first and start developing strategies that will ensure that you have balance in all areas of your life.

19. Never put pressure on your modalities

I actually learned this 12 years ago. Not putting pressure on your modalities means not quitting a job to pursue your light working full time until you have a client base established. Do not put pressure on your gifts expecting them to pay the bills - this can alter the work that you do and often not for the better.

It also refers to not stressing yourself out or putting pressure on yourself with where your skill level with your gifts are at. Relax. Make time to learn and develop your skills. Allow your gifts to permeate and come through naturally. Get the basics right such as grounding and protecting and meditation.

I had a fellow light worker come to me for a reading. She wanted to run workshops in a corporate environment and needed funding to do this. So she wrote a book about her gifts as a seer for the cash. “I can’t run the workshops if this book doesn’t sell.” Really? Do not put pressure on your gifts. This thinking created resistance within her. Source reminder the woman to find another way to fund the workshops.

Allow your gifts to develop, grow and evolve without added “life” pressure.

20. Appreciation

Have appreciation every day for your gifts and let source know this.

Appreciation is the fastest way to change your law of attraction.

Before I get out of bed in the morning as well as when going to bed at night, I list in my mind 5 things I have appreciation for.

In the early days, I started appreciation by writing down 5 things every day until it became second nature to me.

It is such a great feeling to go to sleep and wake up with appreciation on my mind and in my heart.

Law of attraction states that whatever we think about we attract…be gone days of ruminating about the day that was or psyching myself out with the million and one things I need to get done. Appreciation feels so much better!!

Start with small things like, I appreciate that I had eyes to see the birds with today, I appreciate that I could talk today, walk, use my hands, have a roof over my head, have a bed to climb into.

The more appreciation in your heart, the more your point of attraction changes to bring more of this into your world.

I absolutely have appreciation for my gifts as a light worker every day.

21. Practice what you preach

Do the work for yourself always. I would never ask a client to do something that I wasn’t prepared to do for myself.

All of the points outlined in this blog are actions and practices that I have incorporated into my every day.

Be the example to yourself first. As Dr Wayne Dyer says, there is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. There is no way to feeling secure. Feeling secure is the way. There is no way to light working, light working is the way. So practice being a light worker in every part of your day.

More often when I am serving as a light worker, I learn new ways to practice, new ways to integrate what I am sharing into my own life.

I really love this aspect of my work – it’s like I am learning on the job all the time! Lol! There is always a new approach – why? Because every one of us is a unique human being. What works for one person may not work for the next.

Integrating what I learn, the fastest way for me to retain new information as well as to be confident in my gifts is to practice them on myself whenever I get the opportunity.

Be the example in all that you do and practice your gifts on yourself.


In Summary

It is important as light workers to look after ourselves so that we can continue to work with Source Energy and be of service to others.

21 Ways I look after myself as a light worker include:

  1. Ground, protect and connect
  2. Meditate
  3. Relaxation
  4. Sleep
  5. Water
  6. Eat Well
  7. Crystal Magic
  8. No Judgement
  9. Connect with Nature and Animals
  10. Know your “I am’s”
  11. Listen to Mentors
  12. Trust in Source Energy
  13. Freedom of Thought
  14. No to Family for Readings
  15. Practice your Modalities
  16. Connect with Friends who Understand You
  17. Create Boundaries
  18. Create Fun and Balance in Your Life
  19. Never Put Pressure on Your Modalities
  20. Appreciation
  21. Practice What You Preach
I hope that you find this insight helpful.
You might have an effective strategy that has worked for you that you would like to share.
Please feel free to leave a comment or you can contact me directly.
Wishing you much success.
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