We are at the markets !

Being at the markets is one of my most favourite activities.

The fanfare, community vibes, fresh air, fresh produce and plenty of gift ideas. Markets have their own special vibe. 

There is something special about getting up early on a weekend to go set up a tent with the anticipation of what the day will be like.

The mornings really are a magical time of the day.

Markets you will find me at!

Sundays - Redcliffe Markets

8am - 2pm

What we bring to you at the markets

Natural Crystals

A large selection of Natural Crystals, raw, tumbled, specimen pieces and a range of handmade products to go with them!

Every crystal you purchase comes with it's own vibrational meaning so you know what the benefits of the crystal are.  These meanings are lovingly researched and put together by Jennifer to make sure you have all the correct detail. 

We turn over a lot of stock at the markets, so if there is a piece that you fall in love with, be sure to pick it up on the day!

From our exclusive Rocks on a Rope, to bracelets, necklaces, tumbled stones and raw crystal, there is something for everyone.

Personalised Service

Being a Medium means that I am able to intuit the best crystal for you right now. I will use my gifts and my pendulum to tune into your energy and then go through and select the crystal that will work best for you right now. 

Being able to read energy is also extended to gift giving! I am able to tune into other people's energy and help choose the best gift for you to give.

So pop on down to the markets and I will help you choose the best crystal. 


Please know that your health is important to us at the markets.

  • We have hand sanitizers set up for your use on our table.
  • We still encourage you to touch the crystal - please use the hand sanitizer before and after touching!
  • We provide touch free payments for all purchases and also still accept cash.
We want you to have a great experience that is safe for everyone.

Readings with me are not available at the markets.

Private readings are available during the week from my home address.

To book your private reading with me, send me a text or call me.

0410 756 798

You can choose:

Phone , Face to face or Video


I look forward to seeing you at the markets!

Love, Light Joy,