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Over 35 years of experience providing Intuitive, Accurate, Genuine, Professional Readings, covering all areas of your life.

*Love *Relationships *Career * Finance * Health *Family & Friends 

* Past * Present * Future * Clarity * Guidance * Direction 

 Do you have questions that you are seeking answers for?
Need to know if your life is on the right track?
Maybe you are seeking clarity and direction in your life?
A Psychic Medium Reading may be just what you need.

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How Readings are Delivered

Face to Face

  • Meet with me in person and have a face to face reading.


  • Maximise your time! Being a psychic Medium, phone readings are just as accurate and informative as face to face. I also record the session and e-mail it through to you afterwards.

Video Call

  • Skype, Messenger, Face Time; Video Calls enable me to connect with people all over Australia and the world. Just as clear as a face to face reading. You can have a reading from the comfort of your own home!

How Long Do Readings Go For

Choose between 1 hour or 30 minutes


1 hour $120.00

30 minutes $70.00

Preparing for your reading

  • Contact me to make an appointment!
  • Please be on time for your reading.
  • I encourage all readings to be recorded as there is so much information. This is as simple as using voice recorder or memo on your smart phone.
  • Write down your questions prior to the session so we can cover all of them for you.
  • Having a reading by phone or Video Call? Make sure you are in a quiet environment with no distractions - I will call you from my private phone at the booked time.
  • Payments:
    • Face to face – Cash or card on the day.
    • Phone / Video Call – A payment request will be sent to you to make payment prior to the call. (This request comes from a secure PayPal site and accepts Pay Pal, Master or Visa Cards)


What style of reading you can have

General Readings - A general reading will cover all areas of your life. Where you are right now and what the future may hold for you. General readings often bring out the most important or relevant messages from your higher-self that you require at that given time. It is important to stay attentive and open minded during a general reading to ensure that you receive the intended information.

Specific Readings - Choose a specific area of your life to explore includingrelationships, career, finance, health, family/friends (including those that have passed), environment, fun and recreation and personal development. Specific readings will focus on the one area of your life you have chosen. 

Direct Questions - Readings can also provide you with clarity and answers to specific questions you have. Please bring specific questions with you!

Time lines - readings enable me to access time lines which can provide insight into potential future days, weeks, months and years.

Pendulum - I also use a pendulum to further clarify information I am intuitively receiving.

Card Spreads and Layouts - I use a variety of layouts and spreads during readings to provide accurate information based on your needs as well as information I am receiving. Spirit Guides often provide me with new ways of laying out the cards specifically for the person I am reading for.

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About Jennifer

I am a Psychic Medium. I come to you with over 35 years of experience as a reader.

Psychic refers to “reading Information”; such as cards, pendulums, coffee, tea leaves etc..

Medium refers to “receiving information”; I tune into a different frequency and receive information from Angels, Guides, passed loved ones, source energy etc..

Readings with me are personal, direct, accurate, professional and intuitive.

I have always been a medium, receiving intuitive messages from “the other side”. I actually hear, see and feel information from Spirit Guides that is not audible to other people and have to try and piece this information together like a big jigsaw puzzle. I tune into people's vibrational frequency (their higher-self).

Tarot Cards enhance my medium abilities and afford me a visual tool (modality) which I use to facilitate and provide specific direction, guidance and clarity to people in their lives.

I picked up my first deck of Tarot Cards when I was 12 years of age. I am not even sure where they came from! They came with a tiny instruction pamphlet which I read through several times, but my main attention was on the cards themselves and I took my time getting to know, understand and interpret them. They felt comfortable and familiar to me and it didn't take me long to start doing layouts and eventually reading for other people. 

People I read for gain peace of mind by receiving insights that are personal and specific to them. A reading will often assist people in releasing the past, provide them with clear direction, help them to make decisions, confirm for them that they are on the best path as well as provide potential alternatives and guidance.

I really enjoy reading and helping people discover more about their lives. I feel really blessed to have these gifts and appreciate being able to provide clarity and direction to people.


The term "Psychic Medium" may have you picturing an older woman hunched over a small table in a darkened room, wearing head scarves and big jewellery, waiting to suck you in a foretell your future.

“Seers” (Readers) have been around since the dawn of man and have often been surrounded by myth, witchcraft, romantic mystical stories and archetypes.

The truth is, Readings create an opportunity for people to come into contact with their higher-self. As beautiful soul creators in this world, we each create our own lives. Psychic Medium Readings will assist you by providing clarity and direction in your life.

Being a soul creator, you always have the power to influence and change potential outcomes. As human beings, we were born with freedom of choice, freedom of thought and the desire to be creators of our own life experiences. No Reader can tell you exactly how your life will play out. Readings are not set in stone, but rather a beacon of light to guide you on your path.

People today are becoming more spiritually aware and Readers can help you tap into your higher-self, providing you with guidance and insights into your life. 


What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot Cards are one of many forms of divination, with each card having a different meaning or relevance during a reading. They are often ornately decorated using a variety of colours, symbols and images that depict the meaning of each card.

A standard deck of Tarot Cards consists of 78 cards: 56 Minor Arcana that are divided into 4 suits and 22 Major Arcana.

The word "Arcana" refers specifically to Tarot Cards and means "Secrets or Mysteries".

The Minor Arcana, divided into 4 suits include: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles, Each suit contains an Ace, cards 2 through 10, a Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The Major Arcana are also known as the "Trump Cards". These cards are numbered 1 through 21 with the "Fool" card having no number.

When reading Tarot, the cards are shuffled and placed in specific positions that often tell a story including the past, present and future. Placing cards in specific order or pattern is referred to as a "Spread" or a "Layout". The positioning of each card has a meaning and adds clarity to how the cards are being interpreted by the reader.

I use a traditional deck of Rider Waite cards to provide clear, direct readings for clients.


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