Pendulum Course - Mastering the Basics

Pendulum Course - Mastering the Basics

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Pendulum Course

Mastering The Basics

Do you find it challenging to make decisions?
Would you like to have greater confidence in the choices you do make?
Have you become frustrated with using a pendulum or feel like it just doesn't work any more?
Are you curious about the best techniques to use with a pendulum?

This course will deliver on all of this and so much more!


As a Psychic Medium, I use pendulums every day. Over many years, I have gained insights and knowledge through my Spirit Guides into "Best Practice" when using a pendulum. And now, I get to share this in depth knowledge and insight with you.

This course has been designed to provide you with a comprehensive and detailed approach to using your pendulum with best practice methods so that you can easily develop your own skills and gifts.

Approximately 4.5 hours of content including text information, videos, demonstrations as well as activities and printable handouts. It is completely self-paced, so once you have purchased the course, you have the freedom to access it at any time and complete it at your own pace.

This course is super easy to follow and will suit all skill levels from beginners right through to advanced users wanting to ensure they have best practice.

~ Pendulums ~

A great tool for everyone to use!


Course structure 

How to enrol


1. Purchase the Course 

2. You will receive an e-mail from me confirming your purchase

3. A second e-mail will be sent to you from "Thinkific" with login details

4. Follow the prompts to enrol and start your course!

We look forward to you coming on this journey of discovery with us!

Love, Light, Joy,


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