Self Love Check In
Self Love Check In

Self Love Check In

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It is finally here! The book you have been waiting for me to publish!

Self Love Check In

The words Self Love are so powerful. Sometimes these words can make us feel stressed, overwhelmed or even bring up feelings of unworthiness. All of this can lead to a sense of confusion and can impact our mental health.

You are a soul having a human experience and Self Love is the most significant emotion that connects our mind, body and soul.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple way we could be reminded of Self Love and what it feels like?

This book has been designed with you in mind.

The goal – complete the Check In daily for 30 days.
The outcome – Knowingness of Self Love.

Finally, the tools and activities you need in one place to rekindle your self love.

Love, Light, Joy,

PS: It is safe for you to write your answers directly into this book! XO

**This book is also available  through Amazon for bulk orders, or if you have an Amazon account,  order via Amazon here