3D to 5D

3rd Dimension and 5th Dimension

Have you been hearing references to humans moving from the 3D world to the 5D world? Well what does this all mean? Are we moving planets? No. We are not moving planets! Earth is a playground for our Souls to experience life and expand through our bodies and emotions.

The D stands for “Dimension” and the Dimensions are referring to states of human consciousness.

Being in the 3rd Dimension (3D) is referring to the collective consciousness being in a state of operating purely from a physical awareness. Kind of like just seeing and perceiving and living in the world around us, often ignoring any form of spirituality or higher connection.

3D is where we view things from a purely physical state. We view our self as an individual that is completely separate from others. I have heard this referred to as feeling like it is “survival of the fittest.” Our personal identity is based on how we look, the job we have the car we drive etc. There is also FOMO (Fear of missing out) or coming from a place of lack – never having enough and there not being enough to go around for everyone.  Where your thoughts have no power over your reality and you rely of your 5 physical senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) to move through the world.

There is nothing wrong with living in a 3D state but pain and deeper emotions can be harder to manage. There is just no desire to look at things in life from a deeper standpoint.

Being in the 5th Dimension is referring to the collective consciousness being in a state of knowingness that we are all one and all connected. There is no such thing as good or bad. Life is an adventure of growth and there is a higher purpose for all things - every experience holds meaning. Everyone is considered equal and we want to live authentically. We know that our purpose is to seek joy in all that we do. There is no competition and there is abundance for all. For me, it is the feelings of peace, love and compassion for life, for the collective, for all of earth and for the universe.

5D is where our 6th sense and our intuition is strong and we feel connected to higher energies. There is a knowingness that we are all connected.

In my younger years, I know lived in 3D. Being on my own, knowing that every man was out for themselves, needing to have the next thing to try and feel happy.  “You have to work a 9-5 job, find a partner, buy a house and have children.” I was just operating from my physical reality and awareness (what was going on around me). I was definitely ignoring my intuition.

As I became more in tune with my intuition and began to develop my gifts, I started to move into 5D. Receiving information from the spirit realm, reading and meditating all created knowingness and awareness within me that we are all connected, that there is a higher purpose, that my soul is the driver and my brain and body are the vehicle.

I often hear myself saying, “If we all loved ourselves and were in our highest frequency of Love, the world will be a better place.” Today I fully appreciate and understand that Self Love is a critical part of being connected to all that is. It is the highest frequency we can have.

When we move from the 3rd Dimension to the 5th Dimension, the vibration of the whole planet will raise and I am super excited to be engaged and operating in the 5th Dimension.

Some of us will remain in the 3rd dimension and others will be in 5th dimension. We can also move between these two dimensions. There is no right or wrong. Each of our souls have chosen the experiences we wanted to come into this life and have. It is all existence, all life and all soul experience.

So how do we know what dimension we are operating from?

We actually move between the different dimensions.

As we move from 3D to 5D, we start to focus more on experiences like happiness, holistic health and wellbeing, being of service to others and using our instinctive gifts. We start to move away from just material survival. As we begin to integrate our new awareness and know that everything is connected we natural change our lifestyle.

The 3D world has dictated a certain way of living for the masses. Using money as our bartering system, having a job, finding a partner, having a family etc.. To get clearer on what the 3D world demands from us, an easy way to do this is to watch mainstream television for an evening and you will see the programs and advertisements that are influencing the masses. What we are meant to purchase, what the news is telling us, what the government is telling us to do, what pills to take to be healthy etc.. This is all 3D.

We move into 5D when we focus on self-love, feelings of happiness and joy, when we seek holistic health, meditation, listening to our higher selves (our intuition) when we live our life knowing that we are all connected and tap into our own unique gifts to be of service to others. (You may be offering your services in the 3D world but you are coming from the 5th Dimension)

There is no right or wrong way for your soul to experience this life and expand. Whether in 3D or 5D we are still experiencing life.

We are all unique human beings and life is about what feels good for you to experience. Some humans will always operate in the 3D as we have for years while other humans will shift their energy to operate in a collective way and change their lifestyle.

So whatever dimension you are currently experiencing, you are living! You are doing life! Hooray!

Continue to increase your vibration in all that you do by reaching for emotions of love, freedom empowerment and knowledge.

There is a lot of information around online to further discover the differences between 3D and 5D and what it means and I encourage you to be curious to discover more.

Life really is too short for it not to be joyful!



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