Abraham - Esther Hicks on Covid 19

~ I have a huge buffer of well-being ~ 

Abraham on Covid 19

Esther Hicks is a Trans Medium and she is able to bring through a collective soul group known as "Abraham". 

I consider Abraham to be a group of Master Teachers in this world and have followed and promoted their insights for years.

Last week for the first time ever, Esther Hicks launched a live stream video through Hay House Called Abraham NOW.

It was a video of Abraham talking with us (through Esther) about Covid 19.

This particular video has now been catalogued and needs to be purchased through Hay House - I have provided a direct link below for you.


I did manage to take some brief notes while watching the video before it was removed from public view and thought I would share this information with you.


Here are the notes that I took directly from Abraham's video to provide you with their insight.

  • The vibrational output you are putting out is based on what you are observing and this is creating a stronger pull of attraction.
  • Vibrational well-being is a million times stronger than negativity.
  • Well-being will dominate.
  • Focus upon solutions – clarity of what you want.
  • This will launch new rockets of desire.
  • Have no fear.
  • Focus on what feels best for you moment to moment.
  • You can and will adapt.
  • Recognise that you have an inner being (A higher self / a soul) that knows more than you.
  • A clear frequency inside of you that is greater than ever before.
  • You will shine in this crisis.
  • Crisis makes you focus on your solutions.
  • It provides you with clarity, stability and eagerness.
  • You will have new found creativity.
  • Lots of thoughts – there are clearer thoughts and feelings of what is now coming and more continuity.
  • Tune into the well-being momentum.
  • Be as receptive as you can be,
  • Do not push against any of this negativity {crap}
  • Give yourself a break.
  • It is okay to be feeling lower emotions at this time.
  • This is a planetary reboot of the planet itself and ideas.
  • “Normal” will be so much better.
  • You have been asking for a lot of things, but from a place of doubt.
  • You are now seeing that there are solutions.
  • Do not try to convince anyone.
  • We are all in our own vortex.
  • It is hard for some people to believe what they cannot see.
  • You can tell by the way that you feel which way you are leaning based on where you are at on the Emotional Scale.
  • Stop taking score because you want to see it, this creates doubt. Trust.
  • Be in the receiving mode – this is any improvement to the way that you are feeling right now.
  • The momentum you want to perpetuate is clarity and focus.
  • It goes like this:
    1. Life causes you to ask for things (This comes from what you are observing around you.
    2. When you ask – it is GIVEN. Feel this vibrational reality.
    3. Feel clarity (this is the receiving mode / Pure positive energy)
      • You will have new ideas that make you buzz a little.
      • You will have impulses, feel like you are thriving.
      • This is the replenishing mode.
      • Be open and feel this pure positive energy
  • Allow your cork to float – get into the receptive mode.
  • How do you get into the receptive mode?
    • Relax
    • Be more positive
    • Look for reasons to feel good
    • Quiet your mind all together – meditation. This is the easiest of all the ways to be in the receptive mode. Focus upon a singular sound (fan/breathing/aircon)
  • The more time that you are in vibrational alignment with YOU, and with desires you have called into your vortex.
  • Focus inside your own being.
  • Feel your emotions.
  • You might also feel physical internal or external movement of your body.
  • You are pure positive energy.
  • Contrast between who you really are and your human experience inspires.
  • Well-being will happen.
  • You are on the cusp of reactivating who you truly are.

Abraham Hicks - April 2020 

Abraham NOW can be purchased through this site


Our Emotional Scale

Love, light, joy,

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