~ Crystals ~

"The magical gift that keeps on giving"

Have you ever found yourself drawn to crystal and don’t know why?

Have you ever wondered why children are drawn to crystals and seem to always want to pick them up, play with them or collect them?

Maybe you have been on the receiving end of a crystal enthusiast who keeps telling you how great they are and how YOU need them in YOUR life.

You might be wondering what the big deal and fuss is with crystals…they’re just rocks right?

….Or maybe there is something more to crystals….

No matter what your experience has been with crystal to date, here are some of my insights to regular questions we get asked about crystals. From the scientific to the metaphysics…. Just maybe there is something more to the magic of crystal….

Rocks versus Crystals

I am no geologist by any stretch of the imagination! I also wasn’t that good with science at school. Somehow, I have always known that crystals and rocks are different and today I find myself drawn into quantum’s for deeper understanding.

Yay to having the internet to answer my bazillion questions!

So here is a simplified version (of what is a very in depth topic covered in science)

Crystals - are made from of ions, atoms and molecules that are arranged in a repeating pattern to become solid.

Crystals are often said to “grow”. This is when certain molecules gather together or lock together as they attempt to become stable. They do this in a uniform way with repeating patterns (also known as lattice) and become larger as more ions, molecules add in to the lattice.

In nature, crystals can also form when liquid rock, magma cools (this crystal formation is called Obsidian.) As another simple, natural example, salt crystals often form as salt water evaporates.

ROCKS – are made from minerals and composed of large crystalline networks.

There are three main types of rocks.

- Igneous rocks are formed when melted rock cools and solidifies (Magma or Lava)

- Sedimentary rocks are formed from the products of weathering by cementation or precipitation on the Earth's surface

- Metamorphic rocks are formed by temperature and pressure changes in the Earth

So rocks are made of minerals. Minerals have crystalline structures. Therefore, it is a prerequisite to be a crystal in order to be a mineral in order to be a rock!
Crystals are not rocks – however, they are found in rocks! And as a point of interest,
about 12% of the Earth’s crust is made up of quartz!


Crystals and their “Vibrations”

I could get all scientific on you and introduce atoms, electrons, phonons and quantum mechanics. Let’s not get so technical here. There is a tonne of information on the internet that can explain physics far better than I can and if you need this detail, you might want to start with atoms and matter. I am going to share this at a very basic level.

There have been theories produced on “Lattice Dynamics” – studying the vibration of atoms in crystals.

It is real. Crystals vibrate at their own frequencies. Just like every cell in our own body vibrates at their own frequency.  Crystal vibrations have been scientifically tested and proven. (You can research phonons to understand more)

Okay. So when we come into contact with crystals, the crystal vibrations and human vibrations merge. Our mind, bodies and emotions align with the crystal vibrations.

Crystals have an extremely high vibration and this can be of great benefit to us as they can enhance our physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Crystals work with the human energy field and can move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body. Working with crystal vibrations helps the body to find its natural rhythm.

I love how children are drawn to crystal vibrations and colours. Like moths to a flame. It’s as though their mini humanness is awakened once more to their natural alignment in this world as they pick up on the vibrations of the crystals.

Crystals do have vibrations. Humans do have vibrations, when these vibrations merge, they can be of benefit to us. This is why we can feel drawn to crystals.

It’s similar to being drawn toward certain people – you can’t explain it, it is an energy, a vibration that can draw us to some people. Crystal vibrations have a similar feel to us. We can be drawn to their vibration.


Crystals and their Meanings

This need not be overwhelming. There are thousands of crystals and thousands of meanings that have been discovered and used throughout the history of time.

The word “Crystal” comes from the Greek word krystallos, which means “ice”.

With the term “crystal meanings”, I am referring to the healing properties of the crystals. What the crystal is known to be beneficial to humans for – when the vibrations merge, what they can so for us.  For example, Rose Quartz has the meaning of “Unconditional Love”.

Nowhere in my journey with crystals have I been able to pin point exactly where the first meanings of each crystal came from. Many of the meanings and properties have been passed down through the centuries. Documented in art and in writing (including the bible).

What I have learned over the years is that we have many gifted people in this world and for some, it is being able to communicate directly with crystal. I have actually met people that have the ability to intuit the properties and meanings of crystals – some as young as 17. (I have literally had people with no prior knowledge of crystals hold them and be able to tell me precisely what their properties are – what they are good for)

My subject matter expert go to is Judy Hall who wrote the international bestselling “Crystal Bible” series. Her work is amazing. Judy is an astrologer, psychic, healer, broadcaster and workshop leader. Her work with crystals is so detailed and I have found it to be quite accurate and insightful. I am of the belief that Judy intuits much of the detail she has published around crystals to help raise our awareness and the overall vibration of our planet.

It is my belief and “knowingness” that crystal meanings and properties have been passed down throughout history as well as being intuited through gifted people.

Every crystal has its own unique set of meanings – properties that can merge with us to help us raise our vibration. There is an enormous amount of information online and documented in books throughout history.

Crystal meanings and properties can really help you understand why you might be drawn to the crystal vibration and can also help you in choosing a crystal.

When purchasing crystals through Inspired Clarity, you will receive a printed leaflet of the meaning of each crystal which I have personally researched and documented.  


Choosing the right crystal

When we sell crystal, people will often ask us, “What’s good for this ailment?”, “What’s good for that ailment?”

My response is standard – I ask them the question, “What is the feeling or vibration you would like to have instead?”

Too often we focus on the negative. If the crystal vibrations are going to merge with human vibrations, it might be of value to think about the positive vibration you are seeking.

For example, I might get asked, “What crystal will help with grief?” Instantly, there are about 7 crystals off the top of my head that could ease this vibration, this emotion. When I stop and ask the question, “what feeling would you like to be having instead?” Some people respond with love, others with happiness and others with peace. Now we have the positive intent we are seeking and choosing a crystal becomes a much simpler process.

Know the positive intention that you seek.

Choosing crystals for yourself

There really are no right or wrong ways of choosing a crystal for yourself.

Here are some hints and tips to get you started.

  • You can think about the positive vibration you are seeking and then research which crystals have this vibration.
  • Often, you can just be out wandering the markets and be drawn to a crystal. The colour might stand out to you, or you just cannot take your eyes off it.
  • Some people actually hear a crystal whisper to them (this actually does happen)
  • Other times, you may have an overwhelming emotion wash over you and you just know that is the crystal you need to have (even without knowing its meaning)
  • Sometimes you might prefer to buy crystal jewellery to go with your new outfit.
  • Then there are times when you might be more specific and look for something in particular to go in a specific part of your home or to add to your collection.

Often, you will just know the right one for you in that moment.


Choosing a crystal for someone else

Now this one can be fun to do! The magical gift that keeps on giving.

(Remember though, if you are having issues with your partner and want them to be more loving, you need only purchase and gift the crystal, you need not say to them, “Here. You need this because you suck.” Always remember that you are gifting a positive vibration.)

Here are some hints and tips on choosing a crystal for someone else.

  • Think about how you would like the person to be feeling (the positive intention you have for them) and look for a crystal that offers this vibration.
  • Get an image of the person in your mind’s eye and then look at the crystals – which one was the first one to jump out at you or catch your eye?
  • Have a budget in mind – know that crystals are priced by rarity, uniqueness and weight!
  • If it is for someone who collects crystal, choose a specimen as they are all unique!
  • Still not sure, then select a generic crystal product – something to go with their collection.
    • At Inspired Clarity we create crystal pods, cleansing plates and rocks on a rope that are all unique gifts to give.

Crystals are the magical gift that keep on giving. I think it is amazing to give people the gift of crystal vibrations. They can sit silently in people’s homes just radiating their positive vibrations.

Where to keep you crystals

Firstly I would like to say…where ever you want!

Crystal vibrations will work from wherever they are and depending on the size, clarity and location can reach up to 3 metres away!

There is no right or wrong place to keep a crystal – here are some hints and tips for you.

  • Outside is not a good option for some crystals as they do fade. Historically, red, yellow and orange stones do well in the sunlight.
  • Think about where the centre of your home is (this is the Chi of your home) this can radiate the crystal vibrations throughout your home.
  • Some people keep crystal under their pillow at night, others on their bedside table.

(I only keep Rose Quartz in my bedroom as I am sensitive to other crystals and they tend to keep me up all night!)

  • You can keep them in your handbag, wear them as jewellery or keep them in your pocket and use them as a “touch stone”.
  • I have crystal at my front door, outdoors, in the chi of my home and of course a few choice jewellery pieces.
  • The funniest place women talk about keeping their crystals is in their bra. We often have a laugh about them falling out when getting changed. I have also gasped when witnessing women pull large pouches of crystals from there cleavage!
    • To save women having to search for crystals on the floor, Inspired Clarity sells hand crocheted “bra Pouches” Little pouches that clip onto your bra strap. (Of course, the clip on pouch could be used anywhere!!)
  • Hang them from door knobs, front doors or curtain rods.
  • Keep them in a special box
  • Have them in a display case or in a cabinet behind glass.
  • Have them out on display and make them a point of curiosity for visitors!
  • Keep them on your desk at work and even in your car.
  • You can even pack them in your luggage when traveling.

Really, you can keep crystals anywhere in your home or on your person. Try them in a variety of places and see what feels right for you.


How to look after your crystals

Now this is an interesting topic. There are so many different ways to look after you crystals.

We always get asked the best way to cleanse crystals.

First of all, yes, crystals do need cleansing. They can pick up energies over time and this lowers their frequency and therefore the effectiveness of their vibration.

Cleansing crystals is also referred to as re-charging and re-energising your crystals.  It is the process of ensuring that your crystals are vibrating at their optimal frequency.

When buying are the crystals cleansed?

I love it when people buy crystals from us and don’t want to pick them up or touch them because of other people’s energy or they don’t want to put their own energy into them.

So, let me clear this up straight away for you!

At Inspired Clarity, we encourage you to touch the crystals! Pick them up so you can feel their vibration.

Crystals have high vibrations and it will take more than a couple of people touching them to impact them. We do a couple of things to keep the crystals cleansed before being purchased:

  1. We keep selenite will all of our crystals- Selenite crystal will naturally cleanse all of your crystals. It extracts negative vibrations and converts them to positive vibrations.
  2. In the morning once we have set up, I psychically cleanse the crystals.

Here are some more ways to care for and cleanse your crystals

  • Selenite crystal and Kyanite crystal will both cleans your other crystals when you keep them with your collection. They absorb negative vibrations and convert them to positive vibrations. (I love that I never have to move all my crystals under a full moon)
  • You can put them under the full moon the re-charge and cleans them.
  • Some people say place crystals in salt water to cleans them (I personally do not use this method – some crystals actually dissolve in water so you would want to know this prior to using any water)
  • Spring water is also recommended (I have been known to cleanse crystals this way for crystals that do not dissolve in water)
  • Some crystals that are red, orange or yellow can be placed in the sun to recharge. (Most other colours will fade in the sun)
  • If you are using your crystals for healing then they should be cleansed in between clients (Selenite is good for this purpose)
  • The same goes for if you are tactile with your crystals, they should be cleansed by any of the methods mentioned above more regularly to ensure they are at the highest vibration.
  • Yes they need to be dusted!
  • You can keep them behind glass (this does not reduce their vibrations)
  • We also get asked what to do with crystals that break. We often see this as lucky because now you have two crystals! If you no longer want the broken crystal, you can return them to earth by burying them in the garden.

Choose a method that feels good to you – you can keep it as simple as you like.


A final word from me on crystals

We live in a fast paced, high tech somewhat disconnected world at times. Crystals can help bring us back into our natural state of alignment and emotional well-being.

Crystals have been used for healing for centuries and this is becoming more common today. Crystals have been used in weapons (spears in particular) and even surgeons today are returning to Obsidian to be used in scalpels as they always remain sharp. Crystals have been used as talismans and warn in adorned jewellery.  They have been used to help seafarers find their bearings on the ocean and have been included in burial chambers to help souls find their way to the afterlife.

Today, crystals are used in a multitude of technology all across the globe including clocks and computers.

I have personally experienced the benefit of crystals and have been witness to people naturally connecting with crystals. I believe in the science of quantum mechanics as well as that everything in life is vibration, that all things are connected. I love that crystal vibrations merge with human vibrations to help align and balance us.

Even if this information hasn’t convinced you of any benefits that crystals might have for us humans, what have you go to lose?

Crystals are just gorgeous to have around, like little bursts of pop art, naturally formed sculptures that can be on display in your home.

My top 10 crystals

If you are starting out with your crystal collection, these would be my top 10 crystals to start with:

  1. Rose Quartz – Unconditional love
  2. Black Tourmaline – grounding and protecting
  3. Amethyst – psychic awareness and balance
  4. Selenite – it cleanses everything!
  5. Fuchsite – health and well-being
  6. Citrine – prosperity
  7. Blue calcite – calming, trust and communication
  8. Carnelian – self-empowerment and courage
  9. Clear Quartz – Healing at all levels
  10. Orange calcite – because it is all about fun!

In summary

  • Crystals are not rocks – Rocks are formed with crystals.
  • Crystals so have vibrations – this is scientifically tested (Phonons)
  • Crystals do have specific properties and meanings – captured throughout the ages and also intuited by people today.
  • There are no rules when it comes to choosing the right crystal for yourself. Think about the positive vibration you would like to have as a starting point. Often, a crystal will just stand out to out to you!
  • When choosing crystals for other people, think about the positive vibration that you would like them to have. If in doubt, go for a specimen as they are all unique, or choose a generic crystal product such as a cleansing display plate or rock on a rope.
  • There are multiple ways to cleans crystals – under the moon, salt water, spring water, selenite, kyanite and even psychically.


Crystals really are the magical gift that keeps on giving.


I hope that you find this insight helpful.
You might have an effective strategy that has worked for you that you would like to share.
Please feel free to leave a comment or you can contact me directly.
Wishing you much success.
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