The importance of Earthing

Something interesting that came up for me throughout the month was earthing. So something that I do every morning as well as before I see a client is “grounding and protecting”. Surrounding myself in white light energy, connecting into Mother Earth and then connecting in with my spiritual team. This creative visualisation activity helps me to feel completely protected, connected and grounded throughout the day. It also keeps me balanced and in the now as well as protecting me from taking on board other people’s energy – which from experience is incredibly draining.

Grounding, protecting and connecting is one thing but then there is “Earthing”.

So let me ask you this. When was the last time you took off your rubber soled shoes and literally stood barefoot on the earth for 30 minutes?

(I can hear my sister Cat yelling out loud at this, “I am ALWAYS barefoot!!!!”)

Earthing Explained

“Earthing” is literally the act of standing barefoot on the earth. But why? What are the benefits of getting my feet dirty?

Think of the earth as a big battery full of electrons.

When we stand on the earth, our body absorbs these electrons.

These electrons act like antioxidants and help to heal our bodies.

The benefits of literally connecting with the earth has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation in our bodies. As an aside, all illnesses in our bodies start with inflammation. So imagine being able to reduce inflammation by standing on the earth and absorbing the electrons! We would be able to prevent all sorts of illnesses.

A fact that I came across while researching Earthing is that more people today are wearing foot coverings (aka shoes) that have rubber soles. Wearing shoes is actually preventing us from connecting in with the earth and we are not benefiting from the natural electrons in the earth – thus leading to more inflammation – therefore more illness – therefore more medication and the cycle continues.

Mother Earth really does provide everything that our bodies and souls need to thrive and yet we continue to not practice these simple activities like being barefoot on the ground.

In my family, we have started referring to earthing as the “Dirty 30” - getting barefoot and connecting with the earth for 30 minutes each day.

You can choose to walk around on the grass, sit with your bare feet on grass, dirt or even on concrete, take a walk in the sand – whatever feels good to you. I must say, having been an avid shoe wearer my whole life, my feet have never been so dirty and I have never felt better!

Mother Nature really does provide everything we need to be healthy beings.

If you are feeling time poor or just cannot fathom being barefoot on the earth, there are now multiple “earthing” products available online, from bedsheets to blankets and more. Most of these products will have some form of copper conductor to help with the earthing process and reviews of these products often state, “better sleep”, “reduced anxiety”.

For me, I think I will stick with a cup of coffee and the dirty feet for 30 minutes each day because it also gives me an opportunity to stop and be still and really connect into nature all around me.

I mentioned that my understanding of earthing is minimal, but enough to understand the benefits. If you are seeking more information, I have included a couple of links for you here to start you off on our fact finding journey!


I hope that you find this insight helpful.
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