How I operate as a Psychic Medium

As a medium, people often ask me how it all works - how I intuit information.

So I have created an image of the dynamics at play when I do a reading for you.

These dynamics are the same for readings with me whether they are via phone, video or face to face.

The first thing I ever do before starting a reading is to ground, protect and connect. This keeps me grounded, protects my energy levels and connects me into source energy as well as my guides.

When I connect with you for a reading, I am opening up a "frequency" that enables me to receive communication from your guides.

So I am grounded and protected, connected into source energy, connected into my guides, connected into your energy and connected into your guides. All of this happens simultaneously.

For me, this is like being a group facilitator and interpreter.
It is my job to interpret information that comes through from your guides, my guides and source energy to effectively answer your questions and provide you with insights.

How this information is presented to me comes in 3 different forms. Think of these as if they are 3 different languages that I am interpreting as I impart information to you.

*Clairvoyance - I am shown images (Pictures) to highlight key points and information for you.

*Clairsentience - When being given insights, I will feel certain things in my own body. For example, I might physically feel how someone passed. I will pick up on the emotions of how someone is actually feeling. I can feel energy and vibrations in physical matter such as jewellery and homes.

*Clairaudience - I will hear information being given to me. It comes in single words as well as complete dialogue.

As insights and information come through to me from all of these areas, it can feel like multiple people in a room talking all at once and over the top of each other. I catch this detail and share it with you. This can sound quite direct from me sometimes and this is because I am interpreting so much detail.

It is important to me that all readings are recorded by clients (or by me and then sent to clients) as all of this information comes through rapidly. I can speak quickly and do not want clients to miss any information that I may be interpreting for them and passing on. All insights hold some form of value.\

Using Tarot Cards and a Pendulum actually keeps me on point and in focus when there is so much information coming through.

I often get asked if I get tired or drained. My answer to this is "No", not during readings. This is because I ground, protect and connect each day. This practice protects my energy throughout the day.

Yes I can get tired, and this is caused by my analytical mind reflecting on readings that I have done throughout they day. Think of this like attending multiple, crowded meetings in one day. One meeting is hosted by a doctor, the next by a teacher, the next by a builder, the next by a courier, the next by a mother and so on. I am in and out of these different "meetings" each day and then reflecting on them and this is the part that can make me feel tired.

I love that this is what I do. I love that I can provide people with insights into their lives. I love that I can provide messages from passed loved ones. I love that I can provide people with clarity and direction in their lives.

So this is how I do my work as a Psychic Medium and I look forward to our next reading together by phone or video.

Love, light, joy,

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