Insights for 2023

Hello lovely soul and welcome to 2023!

I am super happy that we have move into a new year, 2023 is a number 7 Universal Year (in terms of numerology)

With last year being a number 6year, it was all about relationships.

This year the Universal number 7 year is all about:

  • being analytical
  • having faith
  • listening to your intuition
  • using logic
  • practicing philanthropy (generosity & charity)
  • self-reflection
  • being in touch with your spirituality.


So I made time to go into Source Energy Space to retrieve some overall perspective and insights as to what to expect throughout 2023.

As we move into the beginning of January, you may feel as though you want to take time out to recharge your batteries or to be on your own. It is important that we recharge our energy and create time for ourselves, but do not use this as an excuse for avoidance because NOW is the time to take that leap of faith! Start to take action around what you want to achieve this year even if it is as simple as writing some experiences down that you want to have.

Focus your thoughts on what YOU WANT – not just material things, but feelings as well. Focus on feeling happy, feeling free, feeling successful and then make choices for yourself that align with these feelings. This will activate a positive Law of attraction through new experience for you. Remember, you don’t find love – you feel it and attract it; you don’t find success – you feel it first and then attract it.  This is the year to stop talking about the past and start being in the now!

Be open to new beginnings. Continue to raise your feelings of happiness and be seated in feelings of satisfaction. (You can do this by looking around your home and feeling good about something you have purchased, or think about something you have done today that has felt completely satisfying to you)

Also, be sure to write down some short term goals for this year. This will help you to take the leap of faith and remain focused.

Many people will return to travel this as they seek clarity and balance. Holidays and travel can often give us just the time out that we need to recharge. For others, there will be a return to emotional balance (after the turmoil of last year) and in a bid to feel safe and secure and to invest in themselves, they will focus on monetary goals, pulling in the apron strings and budgeting better – being more disciplined.

I know that there has been a lot of talk about rising costs of living through the media, but what I have been shown is that majority of people will manage this well and even save more money this year. People in general will be more courageous and want to forge ahead.

Remember also, that the work is not through action alone. It is a combination of action and creative visualisation - Manifesting. Seeing it and feeling it, imagining it like you already have it. Make time write down some simple goals and then picture them each day like you have already achieved them.

Throughout 2023, mental clarity will be important for us all – this means having your wits about you and being clear in your thinking. If you don’t have the answers, turn to experts to seeking information. Be clear in your thoughts and intentions.

Spend time observing others around you and then choose how you want to spend your time, money and energy. Remember, this is your life and no one will do life like you! Some people may have similarities, but they are not you! We are all individual and therefore get to choose how we live our life. Get clear with yourself by listening to your intuition more.

Relationships will take courage and if you are seeking new beginnings in your relationships, it is time to think differently. Think outside the square.

Over all, the key to 2023 is deep thinking and connecting with your intuition to create “knowingness” within you.

This year will also see more of us stepping away from old, outdated ways of doing things. We will seek ways that resonate within our own souls rather than following the crowd or the past “norm”.

The way we communicate will be important this year as well – how we communicate with ourselves and with others. It will become more open and more effective as collectively we reach for balance and equality.


For me, the energy of 2023 has already started to filter through and it feels so much lighter than last year.

These insights are for all of us. If you are seeking more detail around what 2023 has in stall for you, please book in for a reading with me!


In the meantime, happy New Year to you lovely soul. May 2023 be everything that you plan for it to be.

Love, light, joy,


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