Insights into Anxiety

Insights into Anxiety

Talking with clients and friends alike over the past few months, I have some insights that I would like to share with you.

You are not broken.

Wait? What? Oh! You thought you were fragile like and eggshell?? NOPE!

You are an amazing soul in a human body, with human emotions, having human experiences to expand your beautiful soul.

You have had multiple human experiences in this life so far and some have felt like crap and others have felt amazing.

The crappy experiences allow us to be the amazing creators that we are as humans, giving us an opportunity to reach for better feeling human emotions.

Our Souls want to feel love, freedom, knowledge and empowerment ALL the time and while in human form, when we experience low vibrational emotions (when we have crappy experiences) we are inspired to use our creative minds to reach for better feeling emotions.

Crappy / low vibrational experiences actually help us to create. Kind of like, you know what you don’t want so you start to reach for what you do want instead.

So no, you are not “Broken”. You are actually feeling vibrationally low.

You may also have been staying in low crappy vibrations for far too long, or they may have come from childhood or past trauma or a combination of crappy experiences and now it might feel hopeless or hard to even be creative to raise your vibration.

There is hope for us though because as humans, we have this amazing ability to be creative, an amazing ability to grow and an amazing ability to change.

It is also important to pause here and define anxiety. You might decide that you are not broken, but rather a state of anxiety. So here are some insights on anxiety for you.

Anxiety is not an emotion. Anxiety is a state of mind that we can get into.

Anxiety is a thinking process - when we think of things that we fear, we visualise the fear, we then feel the fear and this brings us into a state of anxiety. A state of anxiety can also impact and effect our bodies; heavy breathing, sweating, heart beating faster etc…

Anxiety is actually a skill and over time you can get really, really good at it.

To do anxiety well, you need to have a GREAT Imagination. (This is being creative)

The next thing to know is that you can only “Do” anxiety about something you actually know you can do

Let’s think of something that we might get anxious about - like public speaking for example. Our creative mind kicks into gear and we picture the WHOLE scenario – it can run through your mind like a movie or as a still image. While visualising this image, we then amp up negative emotions such as fear, humiliation, disempowerment (lack of control), despair. Our brain responds to the images in our mind, combines them with the negative emotions and this can put us into a state of anxiety.

You can only “Do” anxiety about something you actually know you can do

Here’s a simple exercise I came across for you to try!

  • I want you to use your imagination and physically stand on Mars – the red planet. Go ahead and just stand on Mars.

There cannot be anxiety with this image, the skill has fallen away. Why? Because standing on Mars is something that you know you cannot do.

I like to think of anxiety as an indication of what I CAN DO.

The other great news is that no one else is in charge of your creative mind or your emotions. These are yours! You get to control them!

This means that every moment of every day we get to each CHOOSE what we think (including what we say to ourselves) AND we get to choose what we feel and we get to choose what we visualise.

So to change from low feeling crappy vibrations into better feeling emotions, you can choose different ways to do this!

  • You can just change the thought in your head - picture a better scenario.
  • You can focus your attention on something completely different – change tasks
  • You can physically get up and do something different – go for a walk
  • Focus on a crystal with the new vibration you seek
  • You can ask yourself, “Which thought feels better?” “Which thought feels better?”

Remember, you are teaching your brain what to look out for through your thoughts, your creative images and through your emotions. Your brain will look for evidence to confirm what you have taught it.

So, you have a crappy experience. And then again and then again….

You are now feeling helpless. Ask yourself, “What thought would feel better right now?”

Imagine a scenario for the better thought. Feel the positive emotions attached to the image in your mind. The positive thought and image will raise your vibration into more positive, higher vibrations.

In summary, you are not broken. You have the power to raise your vibration.

You are an amazing soul having multiple human experiences. You get to choose what you think. You get to choose what you visualise. You get to choose how you want to feel.

If all of this sounds way too hard, too confusing or that you just can’t raise your vibration alone, this is okay too. You are not alone. Raising your vibration is something that I am happy to help you with. This can be really simple to do together. I am as close as a phone call, e-mail or text.

I hope that you find this insight helpful.
You might have an effective strategy that has worked for you that you would like to share.
Please feel free to leave a comment or you can contact me directly.
Wishing you much love and happiness.
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Love, Light, Joy,

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