Is Everybody Psychic?

Is Everybody Psychic?

I get asked this question a lot.

First of all, there is much that we still do not have scientific explanations for. Such as the soul, telepaths, seers etc. Following is my basic explanation for you to ponder.

My answer to this question “Is everybody psychic” is actually in the definition of the word.

Psychic – “the ability to read and interpret information” eg: tarot / angel cards, coffee, tea, crystal balls, runes etc. (Modalities) This is also referred to as “scrying”.

To be psychic, you need to first have knowledge of the “modality” you are reading to be able to interpret it. For example, if you are reading cards, you need to know what each of the cards represent, what they stand for, what their meaning is, understanding layouts and what different cards mean when they appear together. If you are reading Runes, you would need to have an understanding of the symbols, their meanings, layouts as well as what different runes mean when they appear together.

All of these modalities take time and discipline to learn and practice and can be learned.

I also need to define being a Medium as this is slightly more than reading and interpreting information yet is often referred to as being psychic.

The way I describe being a medium is that day to day life is like tuning in to radio station Triple M. As a medium, I tune into a higher frequency, like tuning into a different radio station like ABC.

Tuning into this higher frequency, I am able to access all of my “Clairs”, clairaudience (hearing information through the higher frequency), clairvoyance (receiving images through the higher frequency) and clairsentience (feeling energy from the higher frequency).

Once I am tuned in, I then need to interpret the information I am receiving from this higher frequency and translate this information for the person I am reading for.

As a medium. I ground, protect and connect – all the time. I practice meditation and I also call in my guides and passed loved ones.

This also takes time, practice and discipline to quiet your mind, tune into the higher frequency, receive information and interpret it. This can also be learned.

  • In becoming psychic, a medium or both, there needs to be absolutely NO judgement, just pure trust in Source, your guides, passed loved ones and yourself. 
  • You need to remove yourself from the information and deliver it to the person in front of you in an ethical way.
    • For example, I have received information from a passed love one and they are showing me an image of a red rose. I never question why I am seeing a red rose, I let the person in front of me know that I am being shown a red rose. It is not mine to judge or question.

As a psychic or a medium, you become a vessel or a conduit for the information being interpreted and imparted to the person in front of you.


So is everybody psychic? Well, this is kind of like asking if everyone is a singer.

I am of the belief that if everyone created time and space in their life to have disciple toward the modality of their choice, to practice them and know them, to have discipline toward tuning into a higher frequency - more people would be psychic.

Becoming psychic can be learned. Just like everyone has the ability to learn how to sing, to learn a language or to learn how to drive, knit, cook, paint or use a drill. It takes time, practice and discipline.


What everybody does have

As souls having human experiences, we are ALL intuitive. We do not need to learn this, it just is - although we could spend more time tuning into our intuition and trusting it.

Intuitive: “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Intuition occurs in each of us differently. For example, the hairs on the back of your neck might stand up, you might get a real gut feel about something.

Intuition is a knowingness that we feel inside us. It is instinctive. When we get into a higher vibration, the stronger our intuition is.

Fear is the greatest form of resistance that stops us from paying attention to our intuition. This means that to tune into your intuition you need to trust yourself. No limiting beliefs, no fear. Just paying attention to it, exercising it and making it stronger.

Kind of like physically working out. We all have muscles in our bodies, just like we all have intuition. The more you work out, the stronger your muscles become. 

We are all connected into Source Energy all the time. This never waivers.

Our intuition comes from this knowingness and it is up to our human thinky, thinky brains to trust this intuition and act on it. 


In summary

So we may not all be psychic, we may not all be mediums. We can train ourselves to become psychic, to become a medium.

We are all intuitive. We do not need to train to be intuitive – we already are.

We do need to continue creating space in our minds and in our lives to raise our individual vibration, to pay attention to our intuition and to exercise it.

By trusting ourselves and trusting our own knowingness our intuition gets stronger, helping us to make better choices in our life and ultimately feel empowered.


I hope that you find this insight helpful.
You might have an effective strategy that has worked for you that you would like to share.
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Wishing you much success.
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