Get ready for S A S Y! 

Yes, this spelling is correct.

SASY stands for “Source Already Said Yes”.

Every morning after meditation and during my first coffee, I reach for my pen and notebook. The very first thing I write on my page is SASY.

Why? Because whatever it is that I am writing down, Source has already said yes to.

SASY is a reminder that it is up to me:

  • That Source knows what I want
  • To get out of the way of Source and let Source deliver
  • To allow
  • To stop all and any forms of resistance

Because Source has already said yes to EVERYTHING that I am writing down, everything I am thinking about and everything I am manifesting, I have found that SASY is a simple yet powerful reminder for all that I think, say and do. 

If I am thinking negative thoughts – Source has already said yes and will bring me more of this negativity. If I am thinking positive thoughts, Source has already said yes and will bring me more of this positivity – this is the Law of Attraction.

You see, the reason we often do not manifest what we want faster is because we get in the way of Source bringing it to us.

The expression SASY serves as a subtle yet powerful reminder to allow Source to do its work. To relax and just know that it will be.

 Source has already said yes. To EVERYTHING!!

I have been practicing this for years and want to share it with you in fun, simple ways, so that you do not have to remember to write it down each day like me.

SASY – Source Already Said Yes.

I have created a range of products for you to purchase through my website. These will include water bottles, stickers, mugs and cushions with the word SASY on them. All everyday items that you use with a subtle reminder to you that Source Already Said Yes.

My vision with this is for SASY to become a daily reminder for us all.

The more people become aware of SASY, the more confident we feel, the more aware we become of our own thoughts and this will help to raise our individual vibrations.

I will keep you up to date via e-mail and social media platforms with when SASY products become available to purchase through my online store.

I am so excited!!

Love, light, joy

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