So what is a Soul Mate?

I want to share some of my insights with you around Soul Mates as I often have people that ask me if they are going to meet their soul mate….. and when.

The reality is, we have multiple soul mates. Not just one. So if I was to answer this question specifically, I would say, “You most likely already have!”

What people are really asking with the above question is when they will meet a new partner that relates to them, that feels like a soul mate.

Not too surprising really as the dictionary defines a Soul Mate as, a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

Having been a medium my whole life, I have always had an intuitive understanding that we actually have multiple soul mates throughout our life and over the years, I have come to define Soul Mates in the following way: 

“A Soul Mate is any soul that influences our life experiences in an extraordinary way.”

When we connect with soul mates, it can feel familiar to us and this is because we are connecting with people at a soul level. Remember, in this life, you ALWAYS get to choose the people you want to have in your life now – even soul mates!

Let’s break down some of the different types of soul mates we may encounter in this life or indeed have already encountered.

Past Life Soul Mates

  • People that we have a strong familiarity with when we meet them in this life are often past life soul mates. It feels as though we have known them for years or that we are inexplicably drawn to each other. These are souls that we have had connections with in past lives. And just because you have known each other before, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to form a close relationship with them in this life. Past life soul mates often come into our current lives to heal something or to do better this time round. Evaluate the relationship by who you both are today and how you currently treat each other. 

Karmic Soul Mates

  • To understand these soul mates, rather than thinking of karma as good or bad, we must first think of karma as a neutral energy of cause and effect. Karmic relationships have been described as a wrecking ball. But these soul mate connections often come into our current lives to act as changes agents for us. Every interaction we have with another soul can create energy that turns into karma. These are often people that impact our current life experiences in positive or negative ways. These relationships help us to grow.

Soul Partners

  • These are the most popular soul mates we have and they are multiple! We connect to soul partners in a variety of ways. They may be best friends, business partners, people we raise children with, our in-laws, parents and even siblings. We have agreed to partner with these people in this life. We have agreed to support each other in our experiences emotionally, physically or professionally in this life. These relationships often feel entwined in your life or influence your life in a big way.

Soul Ties

  • You know that feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time and you are not sure why they have come into your life but there just might be more to it? And then it is only in time that the reason you met becomes clear? It might be something really simple that could happen through a conversation but it actually alters both of your lives – even if for a brief period of time. These are soul ties.

Companion Soul Mates

  • Companion soul mates can be just as important in our lives as romantic companions. These are friendship relationships that we form with other people where we get to share love, support and encouragement of each other. Kind of like people that we get to journey through life with. They can be in your life for a short part of your journey or for the long haul. Companion soul mates nourish and enrich each other’s souls.

Romantic Soul Mates

  • People we fall in love with. In these relationships, we are being given an opportunity to heal, grow and experience life in new and dynamic ways. Romantic soul mate relationships are often happy and healthy, but can also be challenging and uncomfortable. It’s like the two souls come into this life, meet each other and then learn together. This is what most people ask me about in readings - when they will meet this specific person. We all have the ability to open ourselves to meeting a romantic partner. The key is to love yourself, fall in love with your life, and have the knowingness that you will meet a romantic soul mate. Stop doubting yourself, living in past trauma or fear and allow Source (the universe / God) the time to bring a romantic partner to you. You may have heard me say, “Relationships are not 50/50. They are 100/100. You have to feel 100% good about you and they need to feel 100% good about themselves – then come together to play. Law of attraction absolutely plays a role here as like will always be pulled to like. So if you are in a low vibration, or relying on meeting a partner to make you feel good about life, stop and fall in love with your own life first.

Twin Flames

  • People will often talk with me about having met their twin flame. Often, they have met a Romantic Soul Mate and not a twin flame. The twin flame is an intense soul connection that can be both challenging and healing. It has been described as one soul that was split into two bodies. When the two bodies meet up in this life, they mirror each other, and although this can inspire deep passion, synchronicity and connection, you are also shown your deepest insecurities, fears and shadows. A twin flame will be equally affected by you. There is also false belief that meeting your twin flame will “complete” you. Having worked in spiritual metaphysics for so many decades, I am very confident in letting you know that you are already whole. You do not need to meet someone else to feel complete. If this is a feeling you have, then I would suggest falling in love with your own life and feeling complete within yourself. Twin flame relationships are not easy and can be very tumultuous and intense often the two people coming together, breaking up, coming back together again. It can feel divinely guided, amplifying your insecurities and doubts with the intention of working through these to grow and to heal.

Soul Families and Soul Groups

  • Soul families and groups do not need to be blood relatives, although they can be. These are souls that we connect to with common goals. We may not even meet each other either, but we share similar goals and ideals. Think about activists or people raising awareness of the planet around the world – like minded individuals all working for similar causes.

Kindred Spirits

  • The final one that I wanted to share in this space is Kindred Spirits. I still refer to kindred spirits as a soul mate because these are people who really understand you. They may have had similar life experiences to you and you relate to each other or share similar beliefs to you. These relationships can feel very peaceful as both people understand the other.


We also have soul contracts, soul teachers and soul crossings but I will leave these until next time to go into detail about!

Remember, soul mate or not, you ALWAYS have the choice of who you allow to be an influence in your life.

I hope you have found this information insightful. If it raises any concerns or questions for you, book in for a reading with me where we can shed light on your specific questions and provide you with clarity.


I hope you have found these insights to be of value.
Sending you much love, light and joy.

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