Soul Contracts, Teachers and Crossings

I wonder if you acknowledged some people around you as soul mates that you hadn’t really considered before.

In this blog I would like to take the opportunity to continue this topic and share insights with you about soul contracts, soul teachers and soul crossings.

Soul Contracts

Being in communication with the “other side” for such a long time, I have been given some amazing insights into why our souls are in human form. The basic answer for this is so that we have multiple experiences in human form so that our soul expands.

Soul contracts I have been told (from the other side) are contracts or “pacts” that we make with other souls while in Collective Consciousness. Our soul knows how it wants to expand, so we choose contracts with other souls that will help us achieve our own personal expansion. When we come into physical form (become human) we get to carry out these contracts and our soul grows.

Soul contracts are often between people we are the closest with (family members and close friends) but they can also be contracts with mentors, other people or even around actioning something that will have a profound impact on our life.

Sometimes a soul contract may feel toxic or hard to you, but remember, just because it is a soul contract does not mean that you have to stay in this toxic or hard situation. The contract may have been for you to experience the toxicity so that your soul (in human form) is then inspired to evolve, grow, develop, change and expand into a situation that feels better, that feels more empowering. In other words, toxic situations can act as a catalyst for growth. You do not ever need to stay in toxic situations.

If you had not had the past experiences you have had so far, you would not have become the person that you are today. You may not even be doing what you are currently doing today.

Knowing that you have a soul contract around something or someone in your life is all about learning to listen to and follow your intuition. These are contracts that you have chosen (before coming into human form) that will best serve you in expanding your soul. They are experiences that you have chosen to have with other souls.

**I might add here that I provide “life readings” to those who are interested in learning what their main life experiences are that they have chosen to have in this life. If you are interested in finding out more for you personally, book in to see me for a life reading! This type of reading can really help you understand your life purpose and what have already experienced in this life and what is still to come.

Soul Teachers

Have you ever had an experience where someone came into your life at just the right time when you needed them? It might be a mentor or a teacher or healer.

Soul teachers are the souls that encourage you to go after certain things in life. They might teach you how to manage different situations better. They serve in providing you with clarity, direction and guidance. They challenge you and question you, teaching you the value of thinking for yourself but most of all they have arrived in divine time to support you in your soul expansion.

Soul mate teachers are really special and we have each been in both roles – teacher and student – whether we have realised this at the time or not.

I have come to learn, through the work that I do, that one aspect of my own personal soul contract is to be a master teacher and healer to others. This is the work that I do and I often find people saying to me that they found me right when they needed me or that they felt a need to come and see me. If I am in a low vibration, I often remind myself that this was my soul’s choice and therefore all will be well. Throughout my life, I have definitely had my own soul teachers as well and for them I will be forever grateful for coming into my life when I have needed them most.

Soul Crossings

I love these souls! I have had so many experiences with soul crossings – particularly when I travelled overseas in my 20’s.

These are people that come into your life for a short amount of time. You feel an incredibly strong connection but you feel that timing and circumstances don’t quite align or are not conducive to a long-term relationship. It is when you are thrown together with a friend, lover or even colleagues, and in a short amount of time share amazing experiences and awakenings. You feel as though the relationship will last forever – but it usually doesn’t!

Even if someone doesn’t stay in your life long, it is still a soul connection and potentially a soul crossing.

Let me give you a personal example of this at play.

I was in Las Vegas and was about to be picked up to start a nanny job that I really didn’t want but thought was my only option to make money and stay in America for longer. I was sitting on a bed in a youth hostel literally brushing my hair when the door to the dorm flew open and a New Zealand girl literally stormed in saying, “I’ve been in Vegas for 2 hours – does it get better?” I laughed and said, “No. Not really.” She threw her rucksack beside one of the other beds and we started to share our travel experiences. I told her about the job and she looked at me square in the face and said to me, “Nup. You’re not doing it. We are getting a train ticket and getting out of here.”

I kid you not, we both picked up our rucksacks and headed for the Amtrak station. I never looked back and have no idea what happened to the family I was meant to nanny for. Jodi and I travelled from Las Vegas to San Diego together on that train and then we parted ways. I never heard from her or saw her again. As a result of this soul crossing though, I travelled further on Amtrak by myself and had the most amazing experiences throughout this adventure.

Soul crossings teach us not to judge the importance of the actual connection by the length of the relationship, but rather to listen to your intuition and enjoy the experience for what it is in the moment.

Think back to times when you have crossed paths with someone who you have instantly connected with that has influenced your life in some way and then exited your life just as quickly as they came in. This is a soul crossing and often send to enlighten you or in my case literally get me onto a different path.



 “A Soul Mate is any soul that influences our life experiences in an extraordinary way.”

We have multiple souls that influence our experiences in this life.

Not all soul mates stay with you throughout your life! Some are transient, some stay a little longer, but rest assured, they all influence your life experiences in some way.

So the next time you have a notable experience, stop and acknowledge all the people that have been involved in this with you – these have all been soul mates at some level.

You are a total sum of all of your life experiences and through these, may your soul continue to grow and expand in all its gorgeous creativity.

I hope you have found his information insightful.

Love, light, joy, 

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