Why well-being is important to our souls?

One of the next big questions I asked in a bid to rediscover the importance (if any) of the work that I do as a medium and a healer was this:

Why is well-being important for our souls?

I sat and did some automatic writing around this question and instead of converting the dialogue into my own words, I wanted to share with you verbatim what came through in my writing.

There are a couple of terms I want to context for you first.

  • Our souls have come into human form to have multiple sensory experiences.
  • Our life experiences expand our soul and in turn, expand All-That-Is (Source, God, Universe, Collective Consciousness)
  • Our emotions are a massive part of our sensory experience. They are our guidance scale.
  • “Vibrations” are a reference to our Emotional Guidance Scale.
  • “Low Vibrations” reference emotions of disempowerment, grief, despair.
  • “High vibrations” reference emotions of Love, freedom, empowerment and knowledge (knowingness)

Without further ado, here is the response to me question from my Spirit Guide.

Me: Why is well-being important for our souls?

My Spirit Guide: “Good afternoon Jennifer.

Your soul is a part of All-That-Is. It is your body and mind that require well-being.

Your soul is always in wellness.

Your emotions – those of high vibration keep you in being well. Why then, your question would be, do we want our mind and body to be in high vibrations for wellness? The answer is so that you can continue to experience your human forms in your optimum state.

Why choose illness when you can choose wellness?

People with mental dis-ease have had experiences that have created low vibrational energy. They then loop in this low vibration.

The soul is in high vibration but the thoughts (the physical brain) is in low vibration.

While these thoughts continue to loop, the emotions attaching to the thoughts also become low vibration.

All humans have creative visualisation as well as sensory acurity.

You can think your way into higher vibrations that will then align with the naturally high vibrations of your soul.”

Me: So Dis-Ease is a “human” vibration brought on my human thinking and feeling?

My Spirit Guide: “Sort of. Dis-ease is just that. It is a lack of allowing the higher vibrations. Wellness flows in and around you at all times. It is thoughts and feelings of low vibration that stem (block) this wellness.

Me: So how do I get into high vibrations?

My Spirit Guide: “By clearing past trauma, by visualising a better future, by changing negative and limiting beliefs as well as any past low vibration patterns. By focusing your attention (your thoughts) on all that evokes high vibration feelings.

Again, your soul is always in high vibration. The mind and body either allow this to flow or not. And Yes. It is that simple.

When you are in high vibrations of Love, freedom, empowerment and knowingness, you are in vibrations of allowing and when you are allowing, wellness prevails at a cellular level.

When you are a well-being, life feels better, easier and lighter and more, good feelings and experiences keep coming.

Mind, body, emotions and soul are all in synchronised flow.

If you choose low vibrations it will attract dis–ease.

Some souls choose to experience dis-ease, however it is intended for these souls to use this as a springboard. For example, “I can’t go any further down the vibrations, I want something different for myself that feels better.”

Now that human being starts to think new thoughts. The new thoughts bring in new emotions. New thoughts, new emotions they start rising up to higher vibrations and thus step into their authentic self which is in complete alignment with their soul.”



What I have taken away from all of this is that the work that myself and other healers do is actually really important.

We help human beings come back into alignment with their Authentic Self.

We re-align the mind, body and soul by clearing unwanted beliefs, and negative emotions, helping individuals to come back into higher vibrations of love, freedom, empowerment and knowingness.

When human beings are aligned with higher vibrations, we inspire wellness throughout every cell in our bodies.

My direct answer to the original question I asked, “Why is well-being important for our souls?”

  • The answer is so that you can continue to experience your human forms in your optimum state.
  • Our soul is always in wellness.
  • Well-being is about our mind and body being in wellness.
  • When our bodies are in wellness, everything is easier, lighter, more fun and joyful.
  • Our thoughts evoke emotions which create results (either positive or negative results)
  • We can think our way to health.
  • We can visualise our way to health
  • We can feel our way to health


I hope you have found these insights of interest. As I have said before, I have been asking some pretty big questions!

So much love for you. Keep warm and we look forward to continuing being of service to you.

Love, light, joy,

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