Pendulum - Golden Colour
Pendulum - Golden Colour
Pendulum - Golden Colour

Pendulum - Golden Colour

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I really love the weight of these pendulums when working with them and the shape is really smooth and simple. 

Colour: Golden colour
Shape: Tear drop
Weight: 18 grams
Tear drop: 301 x 1.5cm
Chain: 22.3 cm in length

**The pendulum and chain are made of mixed alloys. (Mixed metallic elements) giving it better strength and some resistance to corrosion.

**Please note that the Golden colour can wear off over time.

**It also has an 8mm bead and a lobster clasp attached to the end of the chain.

**I have found the lobster clasp to be of great assistance when using my pendulum at the markets as I can clip the chain around my wrist so I always know where my pendulum is!

I hope you enjoy using this pendulum. 

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