Working from Home Documents

Working from home can be challenging for both employers and employees to show or prove their productivity throughout the day.

When I worked remotely in a previous corporate role, I created these two spreadsheets so that I could demonstrate my productivity to my manager as well as keep track of work activities in one space.

When working from home it is important to build trust with each other.

A couple of things that will help:

  • Clear expectations of work to be delivered.

This might be writing a list of key activities for each person in the team to agree upon delivering. If it is in writing it is easier for people to refer back to and leaves less "grey" areas or misinterpretation.        

  • Clear and regular communication with each other

This might be a 1:1 phone call, a team meeting with follow up minutes so everyone is clear on outcomes, a video conference or even an e-mail.

Below I have re-designed the two spreadsheets I used to use so that you can access them.

When used with honesty and integrity, they will help with transparency within your space. These are for you to fill out and to share as they are completed so that productivity becomes transparent, communication remains open and further trust is established between all parties.


Click here for the:

 Weekly Activity Summary

Use this document to capture activities you do each day and the amount of time you have applied yourself to this activity.

It will automatically tally the numbers of hours you have worked each week.

E-mail this through to your  at the end of the week.

This will help your manager to see your productivity and can assist with building trust and transparency.

Click here for the:

Monthly Work From Home Tracker

Use this monthly tracker to capture key activities down the left hand side of the spreadsheet.

You can add and edit "comments" to each cell individually to track progress and to remind you of actions you have taken.

This is a great tracker to place upcoming tasks, actions, meetings, call backs etc into. 

This can be used for your own personal use while working from home to keep you on task, focused and up to date. 

You can change cell colours and list your own tasks, rename the spreadsheet. You can really personalise this spreadsheet to help you own it!


I hope that you find these two spreadsheets as handy as I do while working from home work space.
Love, light, joy,