Baby Booster Pouch

Baby Booster Pouch

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Keep this pouch of crystals close by to attract energy vibrations and raise your frequency for fertility.

Many people ask me what crystals can increase their opportunities to conceive and have children.

Each of these crystals has been selected to further enhance and align vibrations of fertility.

  • Fertility
  • Calming
  • Soothing
  • Creativity
  • Love
  • Emotional Support
  • Nurturing

How wonderful to gift someone the emotional frequency of fertility enhancement. 

The bag is small enough to fit under your pillow, beside your bed, in your pocket or bag or even on your table.

Pouch is approximately: 9cm (H) x 7cm (W) x 2.5cm (deep) and comes with 10 crystals.

**Crystals may vary in size and shape

~ Crystal ~ 
The magical gift that keeps on giving!

Crystals have an energy vibration that resonate at the same quantum level in harmony with human frequencies. 

When carried or kept close, crystals vibrate on a frequency that is in harmony with the human body. 

When a crystal is held or placed within close proximity to a person, the frequency or energy vibration of the crystal becomes in tune with the person. 

For example, a Rose Quartz crystal generates a frequency aligned with unconditional love energy. 

When a Rose Quartz crystal is held or close by, people will align with the frequency of unconditional love which assists in raising their own energy and feelings of unconditional love.

Each crystal in the Crystal Pocket Pouches have been hand selected by Psychic Medium Jennifer Cahill and are "A" Grade crystals (the best quality). 

Each Pouch has crystals that have been specially selected to assist in with raising energy vibrations in specific areas of life.

Just having the Crystal Pocket Pouch nearby is enough for people to align with the crystal frequency and raise our energy vibration.