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Flip Charting Book

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**International Award Winning Book - e LIT Awards 2017, Bronze**

The impact of your next presentation is in your hands.

Whether you are running a meeting or a training session - bring your presentations to life with white board and  flip charting.  

Are you looking to present information in a way that is engaging, fun and dynamic and are looking to break away from electronic presentations but don't know where to start? This book is for you!

Flip Charting Quick Guide and Handy Hints provides simple instructions, steps and examples that guide you in how to:

    • Get started with tools and planning.
    • Frame your page, use colour and highlight key points.
    • Create and use icons, images and people on the go.
    • Use lettering in interesting and engaging ways.
    • Complete activities to create and capture your own designs.

Background Story

Having delivered dynamic training in Australia and overseas, I am regularly asked to share my facilitation skills with other presenters and trainers.

Creating and using flip charts is one of the methods I use to truly engage my audience.

This book captures the main hints and tips that I have been using and sharing with other trainers and presenters with great success in further engaging their audiences.

It includes all the best techniques I have learned, tried, tested and taught throughout my career and still use today. 

Flip Charting Quick Guide and Handy Hints is a resource book for all trainers, facilitators, teachers and managers; supporting them in creating their own dynamic and engaging presentations through the art of flip charting.

**These techniques can also be used on whiteboards!**

How great to have all the basics you will need to create dynamic flip chart presentations in one book.

Make your next presentation GREAT!
Love, Light, Joy,