Rocks on a Rope - Selenite #1
Rocks on a Rope - Selenite #1

Rocks on a Rope - Selenite #1

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This rock on a rope consists of 1 raw crystals.


Selenite is one of the best crystals to have in all rooms of your home as it will help cleanse and neutralise energies.

Think about all the technology that you have in your home. Computers, TV's, microwaves, phones,, tablets.... the list goes on. Selenite absorbs the electromagnetic waves and neutralises them to reduce the impact these electromagnetic waves have on our bodies.

Selenite is also one of my best "go to" crystals as it will cleanse all of your other crystals of negative energies!  So if you are have started a collection of crystals for their healing vibrations, Selenite is a must have to keep you crystals cleansed.

Selenite also promotes focus, clarity and calm in the space that you hang it.


Weight: 148 grams


Hang your Rock on a Rope in your home from curtain rods, door handles or hooks.

Hand crafted with love at Inspired Clarity.

The rope is 100% cotton.

Each Rock on a Rope comes with each crystal's metaphysical meanings.

Love, Light, Joy,