• Building Coaching into your Management Style

    Today, coaching is considered a critical leadership and management competency. In applying for a management role, it is highly likely that you will be asked to share an example of a time when you successfully coached someone and when you secure the role, coaching your team will be an expectation and possibly a KPI (key performance indicator).

    When you are a people manager, coaching needs to become a natural characteristic within you and the good news is, it can be learned. Most managers understand the value of coaching, but often find it challenging to implement due to time constraints.

    Coaching can be incorporated into your management style.

  • 10 Steps to Manage Change at Work and at Home

    Why is it getting people to change is so hard?
    Wouldn't life be so much easier if people just accepted change and rolled with it?
    There are steps that we can take to make change easier for people to accept.
    Change is great for us as it helps us to grow and experience more in life and there are ways that we can manage this for ourselves and with others.
  • 12 Actions to take when you are made redundant

    Redundancy is becoming more a a norm these days as businesses embrace technology and downsize their staff to maximise their profits. Sometimes it can feel as though there is no job security. Even Insurance Companies are offering "redundancy clauses" these days.

    You can easily be forgiven for feeling like a number and not a human being.

    From my own personal experience, information and discussions with other people who have been made redundant, this blog is aimed at providing you with some personal tips that might help you to move through redundancy whilst acknowledging your emotions.

  • A simple strategy to get Happy!

    Have you ever noticed how some people are just so happy all the time? How some people just seem to have all the “luck” and always get what they want and you never do?

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could all feel this zest for life? To feel free and happy each day? To be that person that has the “luck” all the time?

  • 12 questions to ask instead of "WHY"

    Have you ever asked someone a question about their behaviour only to receive an emotional response? 

    Have you experienced asking a question and the person responds defensively or comes across as frustrated or argumentative with you? 

    Chances are it might come down to what you started your question with!

    Try out these other ways to start your questions.

  • Dissolve Conflict - Build Rapport

    When you are feeling conflict with another person, this can be a clear indication that there is no rapport with each other.

    Dissolve this conflict by following some simple steps to build rapport.